Hogenakkal Falls – Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal Falls is located in South India state called Tamil Nadu. Hogenakkal falls are on Kaveri river which flows in Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu. These falls are sometimes referred as Niagara Falls of India. If you are traveling from Bangalore, this falls is 180 km away. But it is near from Dharmapuri Village, only 46 km.

Hogenakkal Falls

Kaveri River –

Kaveri river divides into multiple streams and falls through multiple steps, which makes this place beautiful and always to remember.  This river is formed at Talakaveri in the Bramhagiri hills in western ghat of South India. Hogenakal falls are known for its medicinal baths and as you can see in the picture above for boat rides. These boat rides are the major tourist attraction.

A lake called Stanley Reservoir is formed because of Kaveri river. Area of this lake is 160 sq.kms.

Hogenakkal Falls

Historical Knowledge –

This place has a great historical value. Carbonatite rocks found in this place are oldest of its kind not only here but in South Asia and in the whole World!

The name of the waterfall is kind of interesting. Its made of two Kannada words(Kannada is most spoken language in Tamil Nadu) Hoge and Kai. Hoge means smoke when waterfalls on the rocks, many small water droplets look like a smoke. And Kai means rocks. Hence together its called Hogenakkai(Smoking rocks).

Hogenakkal Falls

Weather –

There is a sudden flood in the river after the monsoon ends. This is the best time to visit waterfall here and enjoy the boat rides. As after monsoon is the best season to visit this place there gonna be a lot of crowds here. If you want to skip this crowd visit this place during offseason. This place in offseason looks as beautiful as in the after monsoon season. Summer and Winter, you have two choices. Do not visit during Rainy Season. 

Hogenakkal Falls

Temperature –

Average temperature during summer is 23 to 34-degree Celsius. However, 13 to 27 degrees during Winter season.

Boating is allowed only in the dry season as the water of Kaveri river is more peaceful during the summer season.

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