Jim Corbett National Park (Wildlife Safari)

Jim corbett

This Blog is really special to me because I have visited Jim Corbett National Park and trust me this place is so amazing that you will never forget its memory. If you ask me to come again on a Jim Corbett trip, here I am ready to come.

First of all, I want to thanks, those people who planned this Jim Corbett tour. And now before I say anything I want to share some amazing picture of Jim Corbett. I have clicked some photographs too, I am sharing them between paragraphs below. Here are the pictures of Jim Corbett.

So how’s it? I know it looks amazing and in reality, it is amazing. But one fact is these are old images and animals like these are rear in the park. You will see a tiger in open jeep If you are lucky enough. So let’s talk about Jim Corbett now.

History –

There was the man born in 1875, Edward James Corbett. He was a British-Indian hunter who hunts a large number of Tigers and Leopards in India. At some stage of his life, he becomes an avid photographer. Edward also spoke about the “need to protect wildlife and wild animals”. He played a key role in preventing the most beautiful Tigers of India also known as “Bengal Tigers”.

He used his influence to create this park and save Tigers. This park was named as “Hailey National Park”, But afterward in 1957 this park was renamed as “Jim Corbett National Park”.

jim corbett


This park is located in the national district of Uttarakhand, Nainital. The town called Ramnagar is the spot for Jim Corbett National Park.

Travel Guide-

  • If you are an International tourist it will be better for you to travel via Delhi. There are overnight trains from Delhi To Ramnagar.
  • And if you are from somewhere between Varanasi, Lucknow, Allahabad, and Kanpur. There are trains via Varanasi to Lucknow and Allahabad via Kanpur.
  • If you are in Mumbai, You can pick up a train to Delhi from Dadar station. Or you can take flight straight to the Delhi.

jim corbett

I traveled to Ramnagar from Delhi via Bus. Its a long journey but nature is so beautiful that you will never complain. Ramnagar is well connected to Kanpur, Lucknow, Nainital, Ranikhet, Haridwar, Dehradun, Bareilly and new Delhi via Road.

More Information about Jim Corbett National park-

This park is so amazing that over 70,000 tourists visit this place during on season. Best time to visit this place is November to June.


If you are traveling by road during Winter season let me tell you that temperature here varies from 5 to 30 degrees during Winter in day and Night. And also some mornings are foggy, so be more careful while driving your own vehicle.  Summer temperature is somewhat between 28 to 40 degrees. This temperature is maximum. Never rise more than 40 degrees.

Flora and Fauna Of Jim Corbett –

  • There are more than 450 different species of plants in the Park.

  1. Dense forest inside the park- jim corbett
  2. Grasslands at Jim Corbett-  Jim corbett
  3. River at Corbett  – Jim corbett
  4. Corbett National park – Jim corbett
  • There are more than 560 species of Animals founded in the Park.

  1. Indian Elephant – Jim corbett
  2. Deer at Corbett – Jim corbett
  3. samba deer – Jim corbett
  4. Bengal tiger – Jim corbett
  5. Tawny Fish-owl – Jim corbett
  6. Golden Jackal – Jim corbett
  7. Little green bee-Eaters – Jim corbett
  8. Palla’s fish Eagle  – Jim corbett

I have personally visited this place so I know about hotels here too. Hotels here are really civilized. Food is really good. Here is the name of some good hotels if you want to stay there.

  1. The Golden Tusk
  2. Tuskar’s
  3. Alaya Resort and spa
  4. The gateway resort Corbett
  5. Corbett Treff
  6. The Tiger groove Corbett resort
  7. Acorn Hideaway resort
  8. Kunkhet Valley Resort
  9. Corbett Crown Resort
  10. Corbett wild resort

  • I caught this Peacock in the camera during a ride to Corbett park.

Note- Do not enter into restricted areas without permission and without any wildlife experts.


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